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Lauren Midgley

Artist Bio

Lauren Midgley is a Fine Art Photographer specializing in Surrealist Conceptual Self-Portraiture.  With her introduction to photography in 2015, she independently studied and mastered multiple photographic disciplines including the 19th century Wet Plate Collodion process. Midgley is a multifaceted artist, mentor, and speaker whose expertise speaks to both the human and spiritual condition, while imparting a passion for a broad spectrum development of the creative process.  Her award-winning work has been shown in Galleries in Austin, New York City, Denver, Oklahoma and more. Midgley employs advanced digital manipulation techniques to explore the intersections of brokenness and spirituality. Her innovative approach to digital photography, provides a unique platform to foster authenticity and re-connection of the heart space through collective emotive themes.

Artist Statement In my exploration of digital photography, I found myself limited by the instantly gratifying nature of the medium.  As I sought ways to manipulate and expand these boundaries, I began utilizing surrealist elements inspired by dreams both waking and sleeping. Tapping into the hidden places of my heart as a jumping off point, I began vulnerably exploring the heart space in its rawest form, transforming my virtual canvas into representational illustrations from my imagination.  Each narrative pulls directly from a dream, memory, or question I’ve wrestled with past or present.  Stretching beyond the historical use of the camera, I aim to produce art that ignites wonder while exploring the hard questions of the human experience and offering a safe space to acknowledge the condition of the heart collectively. This exploration has become the platform through which I move through areas of brokenness, playfully exploring the wilderness of the heart space, and fostering connection with my audience through conversation.

Lauren Midgley

All Images ©Lauren Midgley

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