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Frederikke Brostrup

I really love when I run across a photographer that shoots family documentary. Sally Mann was always a favorite photographer of mine while I was a student and still continues to amaze me when I view her images. Photographs of families living life and going about their daily rituals as though no one is there is not only intriguing, but it is inspiring. The real and raw quality among children will forever be unexpected and original. I was excited to see the work of Frederikke Brostrup. I hope she continues this series of work, I feel it can never become redundant or boring.

Bio and Artist Statement

I am living in Copenhagen and even though I love city life so much - I love to stay in our cottage outside the city for the weekends and holidays…. Here I find the calmness I really need - as a photographer and as a living person.

I have been doing family photography for 12 years. During the last 3-5 years I have been doing more and more family documentary photography - and I found all these lovely international communities and workshops for family documentary photography, which inspire me a lot.

To me family life is the nerve in the society- this is where we lean to be a part of “the group” – the love, the conflicts, the hard work, all the repetitions, the forgiveness, the lessons….it will fascinate me till I die – and every family are unique but we can still reflect each other!

I am especially drawn to childhood which I think is becoming shorter and shorter….. And the feelings of being a child….all the feelings that are not told, but shown, is fantastic to capture. It can be anger, jealousy, shyness, sadness, joy, peace….. And often the feelings are so strong that I feel them too. That’s crazy but that’s when I know that I got a strong moment…. and if the light is perfect too, I can’t help slipping a small sound of joy!

It’s magic!

I feel strongly connected to all my clients, and I love the generosity and trust they show me as a photographer.

I love every minute of my working life !

These years I am working on a book - hopefully it will come out in ’20 or ’21 - to show my capture of childhood.

All Images © Frederikke Brostrup

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