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Sarah Bultitude

Sarah Bultitude is a photographer from New Zealand who got back into her work after a hiatus of eight years to concentrate on motherhood. We at Mother F Stop can relate. Her love for this art is so natural that she did not even think about what she was doing as she began to pick up her camera once again. To help fuel her work and creativity, she enrolled into photography courses at the Photography Institute, which provided "both a refresher and new information to help keep me moving forward."

Bultitude's portrait images have a beautiful smooth tonal quality about them. They are so seemingly smooth it appears they could be printed on glass surfaces. In each image, there is a story lurking just outside the edge of the frame, pulling the viewer into them and wanted more from each. Often, subject matter stares right into her camera lens making one feel a little shy to stare back. Many characters are the same, and the more you look, the more you feel like you are getting to know each personality.

Bultitude says of her work, "I have had a long love affair with photography. Working in both film and digital. I feel my biggest challenge is to calm competing ideas and execute just one to completion!" We are excited for each of Bultitide's completions.

© Sarah Bultitude

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