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Tony Reddrop

"My photographic journey began in the late 90’s as a commercial photographer assistant in Melbourne, Australia. For a number of years after, I worked as a press photographer and always maintained personal documentary projects.

After moving to New Zealand in 2011, I gave up photography totally for eight years, selling my equipment. I didn't take one photograph due to starting a family and being sick of the over commercialization of much of the photography around me at the time. Later, I began to realize that working in a smaller rural town of 90,000, gave me new challenges to look for subjects that both matter to me and are interesting visually. I now focus on environmental portraiture within local groups. My current work tells a visual story of local religions in Palmerston North, with over 35 different denominations. On occasion I take short trips back home to Melbourne to capture the light, it's people, and the busyness of the city.

I am four years reborn from the influences that made me leave photography behind. The break allowed me to release visually from what drove me away. I've heard of photographers having gone through this hiatus, and came back stronger visually and mentally. I will let you be the judge.

Since 2000, I have exhibited widely with bodies of work held in the National War Memorial, National Library, Multicultural Commission, and the State Library of Victoria- all of Australia. My work has also been featured on television and in print, nationally and internationally."

© Tony Reddrop

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