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Brooke Caudle

"I work within digital, analog, and alternative process photography. Childhood remnants, the female psyche, and exploiting beauty standards of women can be felt throughout the different series of work that I have produced. I use found objects to create elaborate instalments that draw attention to my photography in order to reflect, and further convey the meaning for my message.

I grew up with a camera at my disposal since my father was a professional photographer. He worked commercially, but he taught me the proper ways of using the camera as a tool for my future art to come. I was never one to fly off to the idea of shooting headshots or weddings, but then I started seeing and looking for more artistic photos. I realized there was more to photography than just portraits of models, or my cousin’s aunt’s best friends wedding I had no interest in, but rather photos that made me wonder and gave me something to ponder on. I knew that I could tell a story with this medium, and it instantly became my way of storytelling.

My stories talk about the beauty found in the moments that hold both the dark and lighter sides of life. The kinship between loss and revival is inescapable for all of us, and I feel compelled to examine the duality through implied narrative, symbolism, and a honest romantic vocalisation. I seek to express a sensitive composition with a feminine aesthetic that lends to the imagery so it can evoke memories, and accentuate the passage of time we are simultaneously drifting through together."

Welcome to Brooke's world of both the darker and lighter sides of life.

© Brooke Caudle

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