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Paul Hamer

‘Paul Hamer is a photographer from Wellington, New Zealand, and has been taking pictures since he was a teenager 30 years ago. He is an historian and, perhaps because of that, is drawn to those disappearing aspects of the social landscape, both in New Zealand and across the Tasman on his occasional visits to Australia: shopfronts, old cars and caravans, halls and houses, service stations and motels. Part of this approach involves revisiting images he took as early as the late 1980s, and thinking, when choosing subjects to photograph in the present, about what we take for granted now but may become nostalgic about in the future.’

Join us as we journey through the nightscapes of Hamer's cinematic nostalgia. Sometimes eerie, sometimes warm and comforting, but either way, we hope these images draw you in for further inspection of details, as they did us.

© Paul Hamer

#nightscape #paulhamer #nightphotography #landscape

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