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Benjamin Le Brun

Please check out of the work of Benjamin Le Brun below. It depicts unique design and color palettes in combination with unusual juxtaposition of characters.

"I was born in France in 1981. I started photography when I finished my urban planning studies. Inspired by the town, I have realized projects linking architecture and staging. I handle several projects at once, from personal projects to photographic orders and my job as an urban planner. I am distributed by the agency SIPA PRESS." - Benjamin Le Brun

The project “The center of spare-time activities” stages models playing the role of tourists in a chosen scenery: commercial areas in suburban zones. It illustrates the current mutation of malls, especially in France, through absurd and derision. These places aim at attracting more customers by providing spare-time activities. From the point of sale to a new way of life! This mutation has started worldwide and result in discovering new places such as theaters, wave pools, ski trails, museums, etc. This is the new generation of shopping areas! Over time, I’m very interesting by staging. I love to build a picture in the same way I could build a painting. I’m inspired by Edward Hopper. I am impressed by the scenography of Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson. They also guide me.

All Images © Benjamin Le Brun

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