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After first picking up a camera over fifteen years ago, Kyle has spent his time based out of Bracebridge, Ontario, building a career and a vocation around both photography and video. Formally known for his traditional landscape imagery, a recent year-long road trip across North America influenced his current work which focuses on a more contemporary form of the genre and is driven by a fascination with society, time, and the ever-changing environments that surround us. He currently works solely with film as his medium of choice.

Kyle is also the host and producer of the YouTube series “Analogue”, which focuses on both the craft and technique of film photography. His goal is to provide a resource for enthusiasts of all skill levels that both educates and entertains.

We are sharing a peek into Kyle's latest portfolio (still on-going) titled “An American Mile”. It will leave you wanting to jump in your vehicle immediately to take off on all those road trips you've been daydreaming about.... enjoy! Living vicariously through Kyle and his images will leave you wanting to see more.

An American Mile

Driven by a strong fascination with rural life, especially in the American West, in 2017 I spent 256 days travelling across the United States, exploring the small towns and backroads that are strewn across its vast landscape. I quickly became consumed by these “places in between”.

Not dissimilar from other places around the world, the further I strayed from the population centres, the quicker the environment changed. It was in these towns and landscapes that I found signs of the past that provided a sobering reminder of both the speed at which time moves and the unpredictability of the future.

As an Artist, it’s not just the subjects, light, and colour found in these spaces that interests me, but also the process of documenting a landscape that is in a constant cycle of change

Instagram: kyle_mcdougall


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