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Vicky Martin

I hope you enjoy the work below by Vicky Martin. It combines whimsy with modern day conflicts and struggles, and juxtaposes fantasy with realism to create a unique visual aesthetic.


Vicky Martin is an award winning fine art photographer based in the UK. Although she studied art

and photography in the 1990s it was not until 2008 when she was awarded a prestigious Rhubarb

Rhubarb Bursary that she was able to pursue photography full time. Since then Vicky has had her

work published and exhibited nationally and internationally: from Europe to the USA in solo and

group shows. Her work continues to garner many awards and nominations, including Winner of

the Fine Art Category in the 2016 Fine Art Photography Awards.

Throughout Vicky's practice she explores her fascination with identity and the emotions that are

created by considered scenarios that are based in both fantasy and reality. Her work explores

identity through staging and creating realities for characters who often display conflicting

emotions with situations. Vicky seeks to encourage the viewer to ask questions of her work to

which ultimately the answers depend on the viewer’s own personal identity and perceptions. !

Artist Statement

Not In Kansas

Not In Kansas is a staged series of photographs inspired by the tenacious, self-reliant character

Dorothy from the story The Wizard of Oz.""Having grown up watching, admiring and being inspired

by this character, whose journey of self discovery overcomes fear and loneliness to become em-

powered and assertive in a strange land, I chose to create scenarios that wrestle with feelings of

confidence, determination and boldness but have conflicting feelings of isolation, loneliness, de-tachment and fear.

Each image is staged in different locations and contexts to explore and illustrate these

feelings.""Each scenario asks questions to which the answers depend on the viewer’s own per-

sonal perceptions.

The images are composed to simulate a sense of simultaneous coalition of elements of a before

or after moment, with a deliberate ambiguity which only the viewer can resolve.

Vicky Martin

All Images © Vicky Martin

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