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Aurore Ounjian

" When she’s not stuck in the van during long drives on a rock n’ roll tour, Aurore Ounjian is trying to get lost in each city, searching for her next photograph. If it was once colorful but now sun-bleached, aged but not quite an antique, or if it’s just a little bit of ugly, Ounjian finds beauty in the bleak and captures it in her photographs, hoping to show others that there is magic in the mundane- including laundry day and that empty fast food joint at 3 A.M."

As we get ready to say goodbye to summer in the next few days, I think it's fitting to bid her a sweet farewell with the candy coated images created by Aurore Ounjian. Ounjian, who is originally from Beriut, now resides in the States. In between her work as a guitarist and vocalist in bands such as Mean Creek and Beach Slang, Ounjian seeks out to create images that are nothing new to us. But she makes us rethink how we see our surroundings, bringing to light geometrical images through cropping techniques and beautiful pastel soaked subject matter.

Join us as we celebrate the end of summer with these eye pleasing images.

© Aurore Ounjian

#candy #summer #endofsummer

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