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John Duke Kisch

This next artist has a variety of images from landscapes to scenes taken of musicians, however the photographs below all hold a mysterious, eerie and alluring essence. They encompass strong atmospheres and mood.

Please check out more of his work at the links below.

"I graduated in photography from Bard College in 1976 - the first graduate in the department. I worked in NYC as an assistant and then on my own commercially until 1988 when I put my cameras down to move out of the city to raise a family. This decision was made easier by film giving way to digital, which I had (at the time) little to no interest in. For the next 25 years I tended to my second love - film history - and developed Separate Cinema, a museum archive dedicated to the history of black film.We provided traveling museum exhibits around the country and wrote books on the subject.

In 2014, I picked up a camera again at the suggestion of a well known virtuoso guitarist in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico who loved the earlier work of mine he had seen and who wanted me to shoot some portraits. I haven’t put it down since.

Over the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to shoot some CD jackets, portraits for musicians, and an occasional Hudson Valley landscape, and that keeps me busy enough." - John Duke Kisch

All Images © John Duke Kisch

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