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Steffanie Padilla

Featured photographer, Steffanie Padilla's film images were taken in 2017 from an ongoing series titled Cruces, about her mother's hometown of Chihuahua, Mexicó. To see more of this series, be sure to check out her website link below.

Artist Bio:

Steffanie Padilla (b.1989, Riverside, CA) holds a BFA in photography from California State University of Long Beach and is a prospective MFA applicant. She is a conceptual photographer whose work explores matters surrounding the human condition, roles animals are given in various cultures and the term speciesism. By working intuitively and introspectively, the process of making allows for a spectrum of questions to emerge that can take on multiple forms including photographs, mixed media and video. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Project Statement:

Cruces, is an ongoing photographic film series primarily about a small rural town located in Chihuahua, Mexicó. Having been the place where my mother was raised prior to immigrating to the U.S., Cruces has a long history and culture that stimulates questions about my own identity and belonging.


instagram -- sff.pll

All images ©Steffanie Padilla

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