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Jack Harding

"I am a travel photographer, addicted to seeing new places.

I was born and raised in a small countryside town in the North of England called Northallerton. I now live in Stockholm, Sweden after meeting my girlfriend on a beach in Cambodia. But that is another story."

After quitting his day job and heading out on a traveling adventure, Jack Harding found himself carrying nothing but a rucksack. This was the beginning of Harding's new experience as an adventure photographer.

Concentrating on landscapes, Harding uses a range of earthly tones, creating a look of emotional landscapes. If there is any sun, it's just a hint- like hope in the expansive world. Often times playing with a hint of color, there will be a small pop; normally red.

Harding intriguingly sets a human figure in many of his scenes, showing the viewer just how small we are compared to the grander things in our life- the landscape. Harding gives us a sense of what this expanse looks like from a bird's eye view, by often shooting his scenes via a drone.

His goal is to create dreams, and I'd say he is achieving.

© Jack Harding

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