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Frank Machalowski

Frank Machalowski is a German photographic artist, born in Berlin and now living in Leipzig. After studying Economics in Berlin he began work as a freelance photographer in 2011. Starting out in digital photography, he shifted back to film, finding the charming characteristics and atmosphere of film photography to be more fascinating. His major areas of interest are the city and the country side, two opposite fields with all their major differences and their potential for a perfect interaction.

Photographs of Machalowski's series 'monster', 'multiexpo', and 'tierwald' have been shown in countries such as Germany, France, and Italy, at renowned galleries and festivals and are a part of a permanent collection of the Bibliotheque nationale de France in Paris.

Machalowski's work show a beautiful contrast between the darkest blacks and the purest whites. There is a stillness about them with much depth that pulls the viewer into the depths of each image. We are proud to highlight his work.

© Frank Machalowski

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