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Mandy Sue (Springer) Glaser

We want to now introduce to you, founding member of Mother F Stop, Mandy Sue Springer Glaser. This will be a short introduction of her accomplishments as an artist and one of her earliest bodies of work, Digging for Salamanders. Mandy Sue works in a variety of mediums, however, we will lead with showcasing a single project for now and will present other facets of her work further on down the road. It is important to us to introduce ourselves a bit more by presenting you with who we are, our personal work & what inspires and fuels our creativity.

Mandy Sue's Bio and Artist Statement are listed below:


Mandy Sue Glaser (Springer) received her BA in Studio Arts from Morehead State University in 2004 and studied art history in Bregenz, Austria through Murray State University. She received her MFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007. Digging For Salamanders, her thesis work that concerns memories of landscape, is part of the Fidelity Corporate Art Collections. It consists of large format color photographs. Before leaving Savannah, Georgia she interned at the Jepson Center of Art and Telfair Museum as a museum preparator. She has taught and lectured at The Austin School of Performing and Visual Arts, Watkins College of Art and Design, Morehead State University and the Sarratt Art Center through Vanderbilt University. While teaching at Watkins College of Art and Design she was also the photography department facility manager. She has curated and organized multiple exhibitions. She recently founded an online photography magazine, community and resource called Mother F Stop. She is currently in the process of publishing a children’s book.

Artist Statement:

The craziest thing happened, bumble bees flew into my ears and I could not hear a thing. I thought I would just tell you some of the things I might have been able to if it were not for all the buzzing. I love animals and babies and baby animals; I like trying to see if I can fit their heads in my mouth. I had a goat when I was little but it got sick and died. My favorite smell came from the cellar where my dad would store potatoes. It smelled like dirt and now I like to photograph dirt, make things with it, and jump in it. I have two favorite movies but they might change because I do not like favorite anythings. For now though, they would be What Dreams May Come and Amelie. I would love to play in all that paint. I think I would take a big bite of it if I could. I took a big bite of clay once, but that was not because I was intrigued by the way it looked but because of how frustrated it made me. I used to want to change the world, but I learned that was not going to happen. Instead I had to change my world and find all the beautiful things in the ugly things and fall in love with this new found beauty. I can remember the amazement in finding salamanders under rocks in the creek. I would keep them in buckets for just a little while, but then let them go. Growing up my life was a treasure hunt, and they were just one of the little hidden treasures. I am once more searching for these lost treasures.

Mandy Sue

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