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Meghan Newsom

For the past 12 years, I’ve been helping people make memories. Creating images of twirling, smiling, crying, laughing and dancing frozen in time to be enjoyed for years. These images are used by parents to show off their growing families, by couples to reminisce. Hundreds of brides and thousands of family members, each with personal, powerful emotions tied to their day.

In 1998, I bought my first digital camera from Best Buy for $350 (I think it had 5.4 Megapixels….). I lugged that camera everywhere with me. From sporting events, hangouts with friends or family trips, I became enamored with capturing the memories of these gatherings. As I moved through college, the pattern continued and I was the person in our group capturing photos of concerts, road trips and all those memorable college experiences. My friends fascinated me; their stories and lives were so interesting. The best way I knew how to share those stories was to capture photos of each of them doing the things they loved most. For my whole life, I’ve been training to capture the uniqueness of each person feeling effortless in their element.

Each project I work on is unique, but I bring three key points of focus to my work: comfortability, experimentation and effortlessness. Bringing a drop of calm and serenity to a busy day helps my clients feel comfortable. With gatherings, I unobtrusively float between moments to capture the authentic expressions that make those days unforgettable.

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“ As a creative individual, I am always inspired and come alive when I get to work with other creatives. These two shoots were down in collaboration with my dear friend Kim (her trailer ) from Sisters of Nature and friends Lindsay from Simon and Ruby Kim from Sisters of Nature and Chelsea from Hazel and scout The first series was taken in Nashville Tennessee, displaying the rolling hills that inspired Sisters of Nature to start her fair trade boutique, while the second shoot was to showcase Lindsay’s new collection and was taken in the red dirt of Alabama.. hoping to capture the nature of the red dirt out it Moab.

I think, as creative artists and business women, we have the amazing ability to collaborate and use our talents to help propel other creatives and small businesses to succeed and even thrive. We all have unique gifts and perspectives that make our creative voice unique and important. Our perspectives deserve to be shared, and expanded upon by collaboration with others who have unique gifts and sight into the world. “

All images © Meghan Newsome

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